The Commune of Kintzheim in Bas-Rhin. A typical village in the Alsatian wine-growing region, the commune of Kintzheim covers an area of ​​2,360 hectares including 560 hectares of forest and has approximately 1,500 inhabitants. Live the unique experience of being able to observe and admire the most astonishing raptors in the world up close or in the sky, during our shows and educational activities. Because allowing encounters means creating an emotion conducive to awareness, learning and understanding of life. Dexterity of eagles, acrobatics of black kites, dizzying speed of the falcon, silent flight of owls, remarkable approach of vultures or even ingenuity of the vulture: our residents are surprising. You will get up close and personal with birds from around the world that are unapproachable in the wild and evolve as they would in the wild. The demonstrations are done with the aim of reproducing the natural behavior of birds. It’s not about playing tricks on them or using them as a prop in a costume production. All residents of the Volerie are birds born in captivity: no birds of prey are taken from the wild. On the western edge of the sub-Vosges hills, Kintzheim Castle occupies a small rocky promontory, cleared by the presence of 2 valleys which frame it to the north and south. Its altitude is 260m. This hill dominates the village by a hundred meters. Kintzheim was known in the 6th century under the name of Regis Villa. The Merovingian kings had made it the center of a vast domain, including Haut-Koenigsbourg. Charlemagne spent his Christmas holidays in the “Palatium Selestatis”, probably located in Kintzheim. Your VTC driver Jimmy Roellinger accompanies you according to your request and your needs. The service can be carried out aboard a comfortable sedan for 1 to 3 people and a van for 7 to 8 people for groups or large families, several vehicles may be available.