"A wonderful place where you can enjoy the sun in the wine glass, La tarte flambée or Flammekueche is a traditional recipe for Alsatian cuisine, Lorraine cuisine from the German-speaking Moselle, and German cuisine from the adjacent regions of Baden, Palatinate, the sunsets are breathtaking and rarely a guest leaves without falling in love with these wonderful places.After a loving renovation in 2012, the courtyard and the surrounding buildings shine with new splendor You will find there, in addition to the self-service sun terrace, the Schloss Staufenberg wine bar, the 1895 farm shop with high-quality regional products, and the Danner chocolate factory, as well as part of the Markgraf von Baden cellar with tasting and dining sale." Your VTC driver Jimmy Roellinger accompanies you according to your request and your needs. The service can be carried out on board a sedan of 1 to 3 person any comfort and van 7 to 8 people for the groups or the large families, several vehicles can be available.